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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Confessions: My Weaknesses

    Recently I've been pretty challenged on my weaknesses. God has been doing some serious calling out in my life and so in an effort to do what He has asked me to do, I am going to share here my weaknesses and I hope to pray them out of myself.

    As I've looked over this list of my weaknesses I've noticed that many of them effect the way I relate to others.

    Reading through a new book called Relational Intelligence has only reinforced this fact to be true. The original exercise of writing down my weaknesses came from a challenge in that book to write down my relational "blind spots" which negatively effect the way I relate to others and cause others to have a negative perception of me as a person.

    I am taking the challenge further and not only listing my blind spots, but personal weaknesses I want to work on. Here is my comprehensive list of weaknesses:

    1. I Talk without listening

    2. Dislike/become uncomfortable with personal feedback

    3. Take control and have a hard time letting others lead

    4. Tend to try and be the center of discussion

    5. When not affirmed by others I feel as undervalued and as though I'm unappreciated

    6. Have a strong urge to know what's going on even though it's not my business

    7. Like to share information that others don't know about

    8. Arrogantly boast about myself and care little about others

    9. Pretend to listen while in reality I'm tuned out

    10. Ignore others when it isn't convenient for me

    11. Easily become down when things either fail or don't go as planned...then in turn take my frustration out on others.

    12. Loathe when what I'm doing is interrupted by someone

    13. Tend to be disorganized and scatterbrained, and then blame someone else for my failure

    14. Have a hard time gauging my words/energy/enthusiasm in right portions at right times

    15. Tend to be lazy when planning, making sure that what I'm planning will be easy for me to execute without much work.

    These are the ones that came right to me as I attempted this exercise. I desire to work hard on these weaknesses and make them things that no longer hinder my leadership, person hood, or relationship with God and others.

    What areas of your life is God calling out of you?