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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    Biblical Healing (Pt. 5)

    One thing I think the church should focus on more in the way of healing is the power of emotional healing.

    I touched on this idea when I was talking about the importance of authenticity in our sharing of sins to the elders and other believers (In Biblical Healing (Pt. 4)), but I didn’t make a direct connect yet to emotional healing.

    Emotional healing is an essential part of healing for the church because there are some really hurting people that don’t think about asking for healing, because they’re not “sick” in the sense we may think; yet they are emotionally sick. Part of the local churches focus should be on dialoguing about emotional health and getting people both saved and healed of their emotional sicknesses.

    I have had many encounters with Christ as healer. I will begin with my own, personal touch with this type of healing, and then I will discuss what I’ve SEEN when it comes to healing.

    About 2 years ago, I went through a class called Personal Spiritual Formation at Nyack College led by Ron Walborn. Upon entering the semester, I thought I was a pretty well put-together individual.

    Sure, I had problems but I was OK. When I was in the middle of the semester, God exposed a TON of my emotional sicknesses. I realized that I was sick and I needed to grieve the pains of my past, confess my issues and ask my brothers and sisters to pray for healing over me.

    Long story short, God DID heal my emotionally wounded heart! I was transformed by his touch, a new creation ready to help others who don’t realize the sickness of their own hearts.

    I can’t describe in words what God did for me that semester, all I can describe is the fact that I knew I was healed, I was prayed over by Ron and others to receive what God had for me. Shortly after, I began to be hungry for His word, reading the Bible, reading commentaries for fun and delving into Inspirational books written by authors like Lucado, Kimball, Driscoll, Nouwen, Chesterton, Miller and many more! I also began to write again, something I hadn’t done in years. I even began writing a book! God healed me tremendously.

    The healing that I have SEEN is also pretty incredible. The summer after my sophomore year in high school, I headed to the Amazon Jungle in Peru for a month. There are numerous things that happened there that I could share, but this one is probably the best. We were in a medium sized village, planning out next service, when the speaker for the night became very sick. Vince was his name and he was throwing up and having the runs all day long. He couldn’t stand much less speak. We tried to get him medicine and we tried to get him some thing good for his stomach to drink, but nothing seemed to work. No one knew what to do, we was shut up in his tent and just wanted to be left alone. Then, all the sudden it dawned on my friend Curt to pray for healing for Vince. We all said that it couldn’t hurt, so we gathered around Vince’s tent. We asked him if he would want us to pray for healing. He said, "yea sure, I guess". So we began to pray. After we were done praying, one of us asked Vince if he believed he was healed to step out of the tent. Vince didn’t say anything but we heard the zipper on the tent and out walked Vince 100% recovered! That night, he talked about his miraculous healing and that night, many others received the healing of God!

    Another story of healing which I was a witness too is about my friend Ben Templin. Ben received an extraordinary physical healing. He for all his life had braces on his legs and needed to use crutches to get around everywhere. He’d been praying for healing and people prayed for healing over and over again for him, but God didn’t answer right away. One evening at a healing service, Ben was sitting on the floor, praying to God when he heard God say to his heart, get up and take off your braces, then walk. Ben at first said that he doubted what was being said to him, but instead of ignoring it, he decided to listen and if it was wrong, then oh well. Ben was amazed at what happened! He stood up on his own and walked un-assisted for the first time in his life! Not only that, but his feet had never had feeling and that night in the shower, he burnt his foot! He felt the heat of the water for the first time!

    I know from all the Scriptures and from my own experience that healing is real and for today! God has a desire for us to position ourselves by faith to receive what he has for us. May God continue to heal all of us and allow us to be a healing catalyst to this hurting world!