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    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Jesus View On Church (Pt. 2)

    What does this boil the churches mission and purpose down to? I believe that through the Scriptures that record the life of Jesus, as well as his instruction through Himself and the other authors of the Bible we can boil our mission and purpose down to this: Through the Power of the Holy Spirit; Be a unified Body of Believers Under one Head, Christ (1 Cor. 1:10-17; 3:1-9; 11:17-19; 12:12-13; 12:26 Ephesians 4:1-6; 11-16; Colossians 1:16-18; 2:9-10) who seek out and save the lost (Matthew 9:12; Luke 19:10), develop them into disciples who make disciples (Evangelize, Baptize and Teach) (Matthew 28:18-19), heal the sick and broken (James 5:13-20), aid the poor, feed the hungry (James 2:14-26), take care of widows and orphans (James 1), desire to serve rather than to be served (Mark 10:45 & Philippians 2:5-10), Love God with all your: Heart; Soul and Mind and Love your neighbor as Yourself (Luke 10:27).

    These are all admonitions from Scripture and Christ Himself. They are NOT at all easy to carry out, that is why Christ sent us the Promised Holy Spirit! In and of ourselves, we would absolutely fail at this job.

    We are imperfect people trying to lead imperfect people to Holiness.

    For this very reason, Christ sent the Holy Spirit into our midst, so we could as he did live by the Spirit. It is my firm belief that Christ came as fully man and fully God, but did his miracles using the Holy Spirit, so we as His Body could use Him as an example as to how we can tap into the power that the Holy Spirit has for our lives. We, however don’t always choose to live through the power we have, we tend to live like the woman who only used her electricity so she could see to light her candles. She has the power, yet she doesn’t use it. This is good picture of the church. We have the Power of the Holy Spirit we just don’t use it.