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    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    How I Broke...My Toe

    Many stories in my life are comical, silly and downright ridiculous, this short story of how I broke my toe is no different.

    I wish I could tell you how I broke my toe by lifting way too many boxes full of heavy books. Or How I broke my toe taking a couch up some stairs. Maybe even I broke my toe playing a sick game of football.

    However, the truth is I didn't break my toe doing any of those things. Yesterday was my day off. I was home chillin'. I did some reading, some thinking and some cleaning up around the house.

    Here's the story. For Christmas, my mom and her two roommates surprised me and bought a Blue-Ray Disc player for me. They got a sweet deal that they couldn't pass up. Well, I opened the box and wouldn't you know it...a Blue-Ray Disc player doesn't come with an HDMI cable (although it's for HD TV's...what's up with that?). So, frustrated, I resolved myself to the fact that I must venture out on my day off to get that blasted HDMI cable. However, before I go out to Best Buy, I need to get some of this Christmas stuff cleaned up. I get the box for the "Christmas Countdown" that is on top of my entertainment center. I quickly walk over to the entertainment center to get the Christmas Countdown and my pinky toe and ONLY my pinky toe find the Blue-Ray Disc player. I hear a snap and look down and see my toe in a direction it has never been in before. The Blue-Ray Disc player BROKE MY TOE!

    So, this is a lesson to Sony...Put the frickin' HDMI cable in the box with the High Def. player. Don't give me stinking RCA cables, or anything else, because it could mean a broken toe!


    Steel City Knitter said...

    You could pobably find an attorney out there who's willing to help you sue Sony. . . lol.