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    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    The Fight for Adequacy

    Have you ever felt in life like a failure? Have you heard the whisper in your own mind that you'll never cut it? Maybe you heard loud voluminous screams from a loved one, friend or teacher that you just aren't good enough being who you are. You have to shape up, change up and make up a new self to be worth it.

    I hear this whisper in my ear a lot. Last night was one of those times I felt like I was fighting for adequacy. I know that without Christ I am nothing. I am aware that no one is righteous, no one is good enough. Yet, that knowledge wasn't helping me.

    That's when I heard God whisper to me: "You were worth dying for, if you are adequate for me to die, you are adequate!"

    I know I'm not the only one in life who has times like these. I am being real with you about my heart and the things I go through...but I know you deal with them too. You see, we are not good enough to be righteous. We are not good enough to be loved...meaning that because of our SIN, we don't deserve those things.

    YET... and YET, Christ died for us. Christ said to the World while he was on that Cross: "You don't deserve this, but I choose YOU anyways! I want you to know me and my Father. Even though you are in the MIDST of your sin, I die for YOU!"

    This is why the Cross broke Satan's Back. He thought he had us...Satan thought he had won the battle for our hearts, souls and minds, but Christ broke his hold on us the moment he "gave up the ghost". When he died for us, the curtain was laid open for us. All we have to do is walk into that relationship. Once we do, it will change us forever!

    I love the whispers of God during the times in which Satan tries to bring me down with lies. God's whispers are TRUE, loving and ALWAYS on time!