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    Monday, December 22, 2008

    The Seducing of God

    Before I get burnt at the stake or heresy for saying God seduces, let me say this: God seduces, but not for fornication, rather for a deep, intimate love that can only be gotten after said seduction.

    You see, God desires us. He doesn't need us, we don't fulfill him, we don't (as Jerry Maguire puts it) "Complete Him" yet he still wants us to Himself. As I continue to walk the road of life, I see how God seduces, woos and calls me to Himself.

    One of the ways he seduces me is by conviction. I both love and hate it when I am convicted of my wretched sinfulness. I love it, because I know it is God's Holy Spirit inside me, repulsed at the sin, yet calling my heart back to God. However, I hate it, because it leaves me feeling horrible for letting God down and sometimes I allow Satan access to shame me. I truly believe conviction isn't meant to be "Shame on You" said by the Holy Spirit, but rather God saying: "Son/Daughter, you are off the track, it's wrong, harmful and dangerous to be there. Let go of that trash and embrace me once again". It's harsh language to be sure, but not shame. Satan is the one who comes in and takes our sinfulness and shames us with it.

    I had one of those moments the other day, reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. He talks about being obsessed with Christ, making Him the epicenter of your life and I realized that there has been no obsession with Christ in my life by any means. Francis simply outlined what it would look like if a person were 100% obsessed with Christ and it was pretty bold, amazing and convicting.

    "I do want to want God" in this way (A.W. Tozer). I am glad that he seduces me, yet he gives me the choice to choose into his pursuit, or slap his hand for trying. Our God is a seducing, pursuing God, who relentlessly loves us. So many times, we choose away from Him. Let's decide to allow ourselves to be seduced by an amazingly loving, just God!


    Brian Miller said...

    I love that book...it will way mess you up in a good way!