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    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    The American Patriot's Almanac

    "Patriotism means "love for country." The word comes from the Latin pater, meaning "father." Loving your homeland is just as natural as loving your father or mother---after all, your country nourishes you, protects you and in many ways makes you who you are. Just as it's virtue to honor your parents, it's a good and admirable thing to honor the land you call home" (page vii).

    The above statement is in my opinion, the answer to "why this book?" The authors had a clear cut understanding of what this book was for and why they thought it was important to be written. The book has amazing historical facts, all set up for daily readings. Month by month, day by day there are historical accounts that happened on each day of the year. When reading some of the accounts, you hearken back to history class and remember how excited you felt at learning about certain tense historical moments, you hold your breath at the enthralling stories that are unfolded (or re-unfolded) to you as you read. Some accounts are mere tidbits, but some are deeply revealing of our countries history. My favorite of all the entries in this book comes right after the month of April. On pages 138-150 the entry is titled: Fifty All-American Movies. It takes 50 movies (some old and some recent) and explains how they in one way or another are defining films of American culture, life and thought. Being a movie guy, I was impressed by the choices and the knowledge the authors bring to the table on why they are "All-American" films.
    The book is set up in a daily reading format. For me, it is extremely reminiscent of daily devotional readings (which made me feel uneasy...devotions of American History?). Each entry is extremely well written, thought out and interesting. The key thing that strikes me as most interesting is that each day has a historical event that happened in our history on that exact day.
    The audience for this book is anyone who deeply enjoys history. I'll admit had I not been a book reviewer, I wouldn't have this book on my shelf. I like history, but I am not dedicated to knowing it to the degree of reading a book daily to learn tidbits of historical information, no matter how well written, interesting or fun they may be.
    If you or a loved one you know ADORES history, this book is a MUST buy! It also integrates faith into the stories and doesn't shy away from a Christian overlying heartbeat. Which for me was enjoyable because most history books or books on history steer clear from any religious tone. If you don't enjoy history at all, don't bother buying this book, it will only become a dust collector on your shelf.

    Lastly, I am intrigued at Thomas Nelson's choice at publishing a book on American History. I suppose it is due to the Christian tone of the writing and the knowledge that such a well written book on U.S. History would sell extremely well. I'm not knocking them, or criticizing in anyway, because making money is part of any business (Christian or otherwise) and if you think differently about that, you are a fool. It doesn't need to be the focus mind you, but if you aren't making money, your losing it and soon won't be able to continue to produce ANYTHING.
    I guess, I simply desire to know the reasons why they took on the book.

    If you would like to Purchase this book for yourself or gift, go here or click on the picture: