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    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    The Great Get-Away

    This weekend, I got away. I got away from my TV, I got away from my computer (I took it, but didn't bust it open ONCE), I got away from my Fantasy books (which I love reading), I got away from my house, I got away from my cat, I got away from my job and hardest of all, my wife wasn't there either.
    I took the plunge and went up to a place called Lake Champion for a Youth Leader (and Pastor) Retreat called Invigorate '08. It wasn't you're typical Youth Leader retreat, in that it wasn't all about the coolest curriculum, the best sermon, the niftiest technology, the newest Youth Group game or the best way of doing small groups. It wasn't about connecting to Youth Culture, or even how to be the coolest Youth Pastor, with the sweetest lingo to connect with your youth. It was all about GOD. It was about how I (we Youth Leaders) need God. It was how we can be better connected to the source, which is Christ. On the periphery of the conversation was the Youth, but the main focus was how we connect with the Almighty.
    I've never been to anything like it and I'm the better for going and receiving what God had for me. My eyes were opened to many things, all of which I will be 100% Authentic about. I will make this a 4 part blog-fest both for me so I can better grasp what God has done and for you, because although the context was for youth leaders...it's for everyone!
    Let me preface this blog-fest with a couple side-notes. 1. Jason Ostrander (the speaker for the weekend) was used by God to smack us Youth Leaders in the face with what REALLY matters in Ministry. 2. God spoke directly to me about my failures, of which I will share. and 3. If you are a youth leader and weren't at this retreat, I challenge you to read all these posts.
    I think what was opened up this weekend is something of high importance, that truly deserves discussion, so please discuss!