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    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Wished I Had an Ephod...

    I've been doing some word Study about the priests' ephod. I never knew what it was, or why God would have his people make one. I had no clue just how important that little vest was until I read 1 Samuel.

    For the longest time, when I heard the word "ephod" I always thought it was a royal stick, similar to a King's staff. After reading 1 Samuel and seeing David say: "Bring the ephod" (1 Samuel 23:9) right before he asked God a question. It was then I realized that this "ephod" (which I thought was a stick) acted as a heavenly oracle. Then I asked myself...what the heck would a stick do? So I studied further the word "ephod"

    It was then I discovered that an "ephod" was a vest that the priests of Israel were to wear, emblazoned with 12 stones to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Here's what my research of these stones uncovered: "Each of the stones carried the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The high priest wore the breastplate on the ephod. When the people of Israel inquired of G-d concerning an important issue, the high priest asked G-d the question. G-d answered through the twelve stones. For example, when they wanted to know whether they should go out to war, the high priest asked G-d and G-d answered through the breastplate in this way: the relevant letters of the name of the tribe shone and together they formed G-d's answer. It was in this special way that G-d spoke to Israel." (www.templemountfaithful.org/img/b_plate.jpg)

    This BLEW my mind...God would answer his people through lighting up stones! Then I got kind of jealous and wished I too could have an ephod. All the answers to my questions could be answered.

    It was there when I thought that idea God whispered into my ear: "You don't need an Ephod Marvin. When I descended into your heart my Spirit (the Holy Spirit) became your ephod and if you seek my answers to your questions with a pure heart and earnest desire to know...I will answer through my Spirit."

    Not only did Christs death and resurrection make it possible to go to heaven, no it's MUCH more than that! We can communicate with him in ways only Kings and Priests used to be able to! The Holy Spirit is our Ephod! AMEN!

    Ever felt like you wanted an ephod?