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    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Why Twitter?

    Twitter is the new thing and has been for months. I've been twittering for about 3-4 months now and think it is a fantastic way of connecting, getting to know someone and maintaining a relationship. Maybe you don't know what Twitter is and I will explain it now, then I will continue on why it's a good thing. Twitter is a micro-blog website, where you can give quick info to your followers, like: what you're doing currently, telling them to check out your new blog post, let them know how you feel about the news going on right now, give insight or thoughts about current events happening right now, update your "status" as you do on facebook etc. I think you get the idea of what twitter is. Now I will discuss WHY twitter is a good thing. For me, I like blogs, so when a blogger I'm following writes a new blog....I know right away. Also, I can let my follwers know when I post a new blog. Twitter is also good because I can see how my friends are doing. An avid Twittering person (A.K.A. Tweet) will update their moods and I can know right away if a friend of mine is going through a hard time, which gives me the option of calling them to see if they need to talk. Another good aspect of Twitter is say fro example I am watching the RNC or the DNC and I want to have a diologue about my current feelings on the discussions, forums or speeches, all I do is twitter a question, or a feeling and a diologue has begun.

    Hilary (my wife) thinks that twitter is "Big Brother-ish" because you are constantly updating what you are doing. I agree that it can get that way, seem that way or actually be that way. However, in a relationship-driven culture like ours, people obviously want that...if they didn't they didn't need to twitter it. I try to let my tweets know what I'm doing about hourly, I might just run into someone along the way!

    Lastly, the options on twitter are pretty sweet. If I am close with someone, I can have there twitter go directly to my cell phone, so even if I am not on the computer, I can see what they're up too...again they only twitter what they're doing so others know, so it's not all creepy and whatnot. It actually helped me to get a free book from Thomas Nelson, because I follow the CEO of the Christian Book company Michael Hyatt and within seconds of recieving his twitter about getting a free book for a review, I was able to be one of the first 100 people! So, you see twitter is actually pretty sweet and I think everyone should at least TRY it for a time.

    Interested? Google: Twitter and it'll all come to ya!