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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    The Power of Vacation

    I have gotten back from my week-long sabbath rest with my family. I feel energized, alive, hyper and PUMPED about ministry again. I was feeling lag and disappointed and yea even a bit overworked and bored with ministry before I left. I was feeling down and really heavy. However, now that I am back I am READY for the school year, I am PUMPED about some new things we're going to do and I am more in Love with Jesus than I ever have been!

    NEVER underestimate the power of a vacation. God usually puts this vacation in my life and t usually always has the same result...RE_ENERGIZING! My family is awesome and we get together as a body of family yes, but even more significant as a body of believers! We are all in ministry and have a strong connection with God. So getting together is like having a small church! We do devos together every night of vacation and just enjoy one another's company. We pray together, laugh together and worship together..ALL WEEK LONG! I feel like this Red-Bull
    guy right now!!

    I feel that God has placed this system in our lives so that we can come bcak and be re-energized to do His good work! I sat down today with Marko (my intern) and we did some pretty awesome stuff..planning the school year out with the new stuff and the old stuff..God is going to move this school year, and now, re-energized I CANNOT WAIT!