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    Thursday, June 19, 2008

    Thinking, Acting and Being like Jesus

    I've been reading a lot about the Life and Person of Christ. His life strikes me, shocks me and puts me in a state of awe.

    I sit and look at the people he hung out with, how he interacted with them and how he loved them. Jesus NEVER stopped loving anyone. His love is what conquered his enemies, his love is what won people to Himself and His love is what draws me to Him as well.

    I was reading this morning a blog written by one of my youth leaders entitled "love in a bottle" and totally agree with everything he said. Jesus never gave out fake of love, but true, undying love. His love lasts and is pure, but the love we accept and (sad to say) give out is not always the same.

    When I read books about the church, the world's outlook is much more at odds with us than it is at Jesus. A book I'm currently reading highlights this in it's Title: They Like Jesus, but not the Church. It highlights how we as a church have in fact been dishing out fake love which has necessary requirements to it, similar to a night club that needs a person to "be on the list" to get in.

    Jesus NEVER wrote a list of people who could be recipients of His love. There were people who rejected it, but it was always offered. Sometimes, the church has it flipped I think. We have requirements on our love: you need to dress like A, or you need to talk like B before we will accept you.

    That's NOT the Jesus way. I've been extremely convicted about how I love...As Alex (the leader who wrote "love in a bottle") was concerned about people receiving love. We shouldn't (as Alex said) accept ANY love that is not true, God-like love. I want to take it a bit farther and say we shouldn't GIVE any love that isn't pure or true either. The world needs to see a movement of love like it's never seen before!