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    Friday, June 27, 2008

    Old Friends

    I just saw some old friends on facebook. People I used to know well, people I grew up in church with and people that knew me well growing up. When you get a snapshot of peoples lives, as you do on facebook, it's hard to tell what's going on in there lives FOR REAL.

    For example, the snapshots I saw of these friends were pictures of them drinking and partying. Now, I remember as a teen hearing of the events that they'd go to and get smashed (never being invited), so I'm not super surprised, however in my mind, I am very quick to judge what they are doing, assuming they were only there for drunkedness rather than just fun with each other and a couple drinks.

    That is a piece of me (the judge) that I thought was gone...but here it reared it's ugly head in the matter of seeing one picture. Now, I could be right and they were all purposfully getting wasted and living in the moment of debauchery or as could be just the same truth, they had a couple of drinks to slake their thirst...whatever the case may be, seeing snapshots of their lives isn't enought for me to determine.

    It's nice meeting old friends and new on facebook, yet I wonder if we as a younger generation put too much stake in how it reveals us, or tells us about one another. It has the tendency for us to cultivate judgemtal feelings either for the good or for the bad...give me your thoughts if you got em.


    kel said...

    I do believe I saw the same pictures you are referring to.

    Interesting isn't it where are lives have all led us and yet some people are still pretty much the same? It's really interesting to see.