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    Tuesday, May 6, 2008

    Tuesday Night: Temptation week 1

    Tonight, we opened up the topic of Temptation with the topic of drugs and alcohol. It was a pretty "light" night as we simply defined what temptation was, and discussed how we have all suffer from it.

    As always, the guys small group surprised me. Even though I brought "lighter" material tonight, the guys took it to a deeper level. For this, I can't take a lick of credit...God has blessed me with amazing leaders who hear the voice of God and move that way.

    God is doing something in my heart and I believe I will be putting the "Temptation" theme on hold next week...be on the look-see for what they will mean.

    In the mean time, enjoy this video which I showed tonight in order to start the topic of temptation.