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    Friday, May 9, 2008

    Rob Bell and Velvet Elvis...

    I have jut finished Rob Bell's Velvet Elvis and I really liked it! Tons of his ideas are rich with truth and amazing possibilities for the generations to come.

    I've seen and heard TONS of well-meaning Christians bash this fellow brother to bits and called him a heretic of the worst kind. Trust me brothers and sisters, he is NOT a heretic. His ideas and thoughts are radical to be sure, but none of is it inconsistent with scripture. If you take his words out of context, then yes he is heretical, but if you read his words, or listen to his Nooma videos IN context, then it's really difficult to say that.

    There is so much I want to say about the book Velvet Elvis, one of which is it'll push you! It'll make you question and will force you to search the scriptures, because Rob brings thoughts and ideas I've never even thought about.

    Another is I want to mention the ideas that he is a humanist and not a Christian. I've heard this statement spat at him in hatred and I want to stand up and show you how he 's not. People got upset because of his chapter in this book (also a Nooma video) called "Dust" in which he mentions WHY Peter started to sink when he was walking on water. Rob says (and rightfully I believe) that Peter started to sink because he lost faith, not in Jesus but himself. Now again, if you take just that part, then yes, it would sound humanistic. However, Rob takes us to the meaning of disciple in the time of Jesus and how Christ chose his disciples because he knew and trusted they could do what he did. (Watch 'Dust' below) Peter wanted to prove he could do what Jesus was doing and wanted to come out on the water with Jesus. Many people would stop and say that Rob is suggesting that Peter does it on his own, which is NOT the case.

    Rob is simply saying that Peter doubted his faith in himself, because he didn't trust what Jesus said about himself...that he can do anything he sees his Master do. He didn't believe he could, when he sees the waves he doubts his faith. He knows Jesus can do it, because he's not sinking.

    To say that's a humanist logic is totally not true. We fall into sin, not because we are doubting Jesus, but we doubt ourselves and allow the enemy entrance into our lives. We sin when "by our own evil desires we are dragged away and enticed". It's not all about us, no, sometimes we can't trust Christ either, however my point it that people have been taking Rob Bell out of context and spitting lies about him...and then people believe the lies and tell them to someone else...