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    Wednesday, March 5, 2008

    Tonight's Youth Group (March 5, 2008)

    Tonight for Jr. High, we discussed the topic of FAITH. I gave the teens the "dictionary.com" definition and the Biblical Definition (Heb. 11:1). I showed an interesting video that I plucked from the great realm of youtube.com. (If you want to see it, go to youtube.com and type in "trust fall" in the search column, should be the first video with Todd Conner in it.) In which a man asks a woman to trust him to catch her if she falls from a ladder, and he purposefully lets her fall! I opened up with that story and asked if they would trust Todd Conner, all said NO!
    I then went on to show them how faith is in everything we do, form brushing our teeth to driving in a car, we have faith that these things will do what we expect them to do.
    I tied it off by describing that we have Faith in a real God. I used the old Billy Graham argument about Faith, which is the wind illustration. We can't see the wind, but we can feel it and see it's effects, the same is with God! We broke off into small groups and discussed Faith in depth. (This was an intro to the whole month. We will be going deeper into the idea of faith as we go along).