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    Friday, March 7, 2008


    As many of you know (and many may not) I am going through the process of Ordination at the present time. Currently, I have read: 3/7 of the required books and am right now in the middle of my first paper (Christ Our Savior). I feel a little shall we say: "Out of Practice" when it comes to writing a paper, with specific boundaries. At first I thought it was only a 5 page paper (no biggy) then I read the small print and realized it has to be AT LEAST 8...still nothing to holla at, but still. If you want to pray for me today, pray that I will be able to successfully get this paper done today and that the reading requirements will fly by easily from this point on. This is a necessary step for my future in ministry and while I enjoy being challenged, I simply want to get this done. Pray also that I will receive patience from the Father and not just do this to do it, but also for my own betterment. In every phase of life, there is something God wants to teach us, so I don't want to miss what he has for me!