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    Wednesday, March 12, 2008

    Last Nights Youth Group...

    Last nights Youth Group meeting was about Love According to Song of Solomon (Songs). Let me tell you as a youth pastor this is a difficult book to teach on. I am blown away at the book as a whole and really had a difficult time of narrowing down a focal point in this book. However, God is good and I focussed last nights talk on two different points: Sex inside marriage is a good, Holy and amazing gift; and Do Not arouse or awaken Love until it so desires. I admonished our teens to take heed to the warning that the Beloved gives us in this little book. She says is 3 times, so it must be significant! I shared with the teens that Love only desires to be awakened within the context of marriage, any other way, the gift of sex will not be as joyful, amazing or Holy as it was always intended to be!

    I really tried to show them that our culture doesn't understand true love, or true sexuality, because the worlds message is: "Sex is AWESOME and there are no real bad side-effects". However, true Biblical sexuality says: "Sex is amazing, Holy, wonderful and Good, but it has to desire to be awakened, and that only comes inside of marriage". As always, talking about sex to a teen culture that has hear mixed signals all their lives from church to school to TV about sex is tough, but I know God hit our teens with truth last night.

    After the games and talk, we went into small groups and talked for over 30 minutes! Below is the funny video used to open up the idea of the Song of Songs as well as the theme picture for the month.


    Erik said...

    That video was amazing. Who's wedding was that?