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    Monday, January 21, 2013

    Sojourn: Days 20 and 21

    Today,  I'm realizing again how little of an experience this actually is.  I fully believe it's significant, relevant and valid for me and my life but compared to what folks in the poorest part of Burkina Faso are dealing with, it's a drop in the bucket.

      I was sharing with someone what I have been doing and they asked: "Are you walking 10 miles a day to get your water and working hard in the sun?"

      To which I had to reply: "No, I'm still living the way I would (mostly) except in the way I eat".  They then replied: "So it's not a full experience then is it?"

      Again I said: "No".

     I know they weren't being mean, they were simply wondering if I was doing more than changing my diet but it got me thinking of how much I don't have to experience that they in fact do.  Is changing my diet enough?  Or is that the beginning?  Hunger is probably one of the biggest issues they face but is of course not the only one and not even the only "bad" issue they face either.

      Just the other night by daughter woke up in the middle of the night with a 101 degree fever and I was able to simply give her tylenol to help ease her teething mouth.  What about teething kids in Africa?  What about the parents who eat very little, then end up sleeping very little because their infants are teething?

     I also have a water connection to my home where I can get clean water every day and as much as I need or even want at any moment of every day.  This is not something the majority of the 3rd world can claim.

     I have a vehicle in which I can drive to and from destinations.  I have a house that has air-conditioning and heating. I have a hot water tank that allows me to take nice hot showers and baths.

     All of these luxuries I've been using without a second glance, or even a thought.  In fact, I've been so focussed on how "good I've been" with the whole eating thing that I took no time to think of the other luxuries I employ on a daily basis that the people I'm trying to highlight have no clue about.

      Even the ability to blog, typing on a computer, connected to the internet are things I've only just NOW thought about.

      I bring all of this up because even though I am giving up food for 31 days, I am sacrificing NOTHING else.  It may seem like a big deal but looking at the view of the totality of what the 3rd world countries deal with, it's simply a small endeavor.

       These are just things I've been thinking about as I walk through this journey.  I know I am not living the full experience but I am still learning a lot.  The people that do LIVE the full experience


    Joe G said...

    Brings a new thought process how FREE we really are. We ALL want to move forward with new and exciting ways with technology. How quickly we forget we were in a depression simply 84 years ago. Thank you for highlighting more than just the FOOD. Some of us can not fast, but ALL of us can trim a budget to give more!