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    Thursday, January 24, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Twenty Four

     OK, so Oakland is COLD!  I know it's no colder than other parts of the Burgh' but it's pretty chilly. As I've dropped weight so quickly (IN THE WINTER!)  I realize just how much insulation I was carrying around.

     One experienced "faster" let me know it's normal to be cold because eating actually eats your body as your body digests the food.  If that is true (and I think it is) when my body stops digesting (starting around noon) I get cold...and right around 12:30 I got freezing and haven't warmed up since.

      I'm sitting in Starbucks, sipping a hot water and I am bundled as you see me above.  It's hard for me NOT to wear gloves as my hands are like icicles banging on these keys writing this blog.  Not trying to be a whiny baby...but I am very very cold.  Also, losing yet another pound (weighing in exactly 23 pounds lighter after 23 days of Sojourning) doesn't help in the "trying to keep warm" department.

    I got a text the other day from someone who was going to jump into the sojourn with me this week and they stated how they were going to only eat rice the whole day, but didn't notice how much they "just snacked" all day.  She ended up accidentally eating two chips and a swig of juice!  My day one was hard as well and I almost did the same thing. Denying self in this is not natural and it sheds light on how we just pop things to eat in our mouths without actually paying attention to it.

      It's people like that that keep encouraging me to finish off the Sojourn. At this point, it's tough and getting to me because I have so many foods I love to eat that I've not eaten.  Interestingly though I am becoming quite fond of my Rice Soup I eat for dinner and know I will end up eating it again and again in my life.  It's just so stinking good!  God is good and there is so much for us to be joyful for...even if things seem like they are not going well, or if they seem like we don't have very much!

      Yesterday's entry was a lot of what God was showing me personally about where I am with Him and man the truth does hurt.  It was a theme I know God has continually been teaching me and I know I've grown a lot out of those certain struggles, but I also know I am prone to go back to them and rest in self-reliance.  My prayer through the end of this Sojourn is that the lessons I've learned will stay with me and I will apply them into my life for eternity and not just for a momentary time.

    Are you interested in trying your own sojourn?  If so, please feel free to ask questions.  I know that sounds like a "marketing scheme" but I hope many of you are spurred on to try something out of the box with fasting.  Asking God to show you some ways you can grow as well as something (maybe not even food) to give up for your own personal sojourn.

      Also, if you do, let me in on the fun! Blog about it so I too can learn from your journey!