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    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Sojourn: Day Ten

      My tummy rumbles as I sit here in Dunkin Donuts typing this blog post.  Smelling the delicious chocolate in the air as well as my waning desire for the great coffee I smell.

      I am beginning to lose my deep seated desire to consume buckets of the brown liquid that I used to suck down like water...so triumphs are happening all over the place in this walk.

     This morning of day ten I weighed in at 199.5, which means I have lost exactly 14 pounds on the nose in 9 days of eating like a poor person from Burkina Faso Africa.

    Literally that's unhealthy, even for someone my size 14 pounds in 9 days is just not good.  I scheduled my blood work appointment for Next monday: Dat 14 on the Sojourn to see if I'm still healthy so I'm looking forward to the results that will come of it.

      The main lesson I am walking away with today is that many people (including myself) don't know much about hunger.  When I tell people what I'm doing and sharing my reasons for it they kind of blank stare at me... until I tell them how much weight I've lost, then they perk up.  It stops them and I take that time to ask them: imagine a person who doesn't have as much fat as I have to burn this quickly.  Now imagine what this type of starvation does to them and it's every day of their life, not just 31 days!

      Hunger is a lost conversation among tons of other good causes.  Slavery is bad, we should fight it, other social justice issues are huge, bad, ugly, sinful and wrong. People die of those things but more die of hunger...yet it's a pretty quiet topic.  Why is this?

      If hunger is preventable by you and me if we choose to engage, why don't we as much about it as we do other social justice issues?  I'm not saying hunger is and should be the only thing we fight for, simply highlighting it's more important than many think.

      As an American on this diet, I am proving it's not sustainable. Once my fat reserves give out I am going to be a zombie...I think I will get by for 21 more days because I have a lot of fat stores, but it proves something heavy, doesn't it?

      So far on this sojourn, I've realized I need to pay more attention to what I'm eating because I am a food waster, money waster with my food wasting and I am filled with fat that is only due to my awful, wasteful eating habits.  I have been an unhealthy, unconscious eater for too long.  I've allowed my son to throw away food simply because he wanted other things to eat.  I've allowed myself to not eat certain foods we had in our cupboards because it didn't "sound good" at the time...so I threw it away!

      It's hard to admit just how bad I've been at all of this and it's tough to believe it took this to open my eyes.

      I hope many of you too are challenged as you follow this journey of mine.  Maybe you may need to venture down something similar to teach you something.  I highly recommend it because it has been truly eye-opening!

     Don't forget these stats!

    PEACE until tomorrow!