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    Friday, September 7, 2012

    Fear and Trust

    David and Goliath is one of the most well known stories in Scripture. It has so much meaning for many different reasons.

      #1 It's the classic tale of the Underdog coming out on top

      #2  It's a story of a no-name becoming famous

      #3  It became a moment that changed the history of a nation

       So many things can be brought to light within this story, but for me where I am right now in my walk, in my faith and in my "job" I saw something to do with fear and trust.

      When I looked at David and the other Israelites, I asked myself this question: "What's the difference between David and the other soldiers?"  Two words flew into my mind: fear and trust.

      You see, when the Israelites saw the Giant of over 9 feet they knew: they in and of themselves could not ever dream of defeating this Giant before them. They looked within themselves, their abilities and their skills and found themselves wanting.  For 40 days they were reminded of their inadequacy, they were reminded of the impossibilities of them being able to win. So, they feared, they whined and they hid.

      David on the other hand realized that God could do it.  He trusted in the Lord and knew God was not pleased with Goliath's taunts of not only Israel but God himself.  Goliath was defying the living God and David trusted God wouldn't let it stand.  David saw that God within him could defeat this enemy.

     David had proof to back this claim by how he saw God deliver him from the Lion and the Bear, so this Philistine was going to be nothing for David's God.

      This means so much to me, because as I look at my call as being a Campus Pastor for CMU and Pitt, I am daunted by the task.  I feel as if things are happening slow, I feel like I am not good enough to do the job in which I've been called.  Yet, I see David's trust: not in himself, but in his God.

      I, we, must switch our trust from ourselves to God because we will face something we can't handle and we will fear without trust in a Big God who can handle anything that would come our way.

      Fear and Trust.  We can choose will we fear or will we trust?