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    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    Penn State- The Fall Out

      The aftermath of the Sandusky scandal has been in a word: magnanimous.

      Such a beloved Coach and organization have fallen from the heavens of football greatness and fast.

      I don't need to add much in way of commentary on the actual scandal because several have added their voice, opinion, ideas, anger and so forth when it pertains to that heinous evil perpetrated against many.

      My concern has to do with the sanctions placed on Penn State and their football team.

      College football is about winning, there is no secret in that.  Jobs, and tons of money are all wrapped up into the College Football world.  It sets the tone for future pro athletes, gives them the ability to shine on a giant stage and gets America excited on Saturday's.  To put it shortly, College Football is a big deal and winning drives the teams.

     The NCAA blames the winning-ness of Penn State for the cover up, so they seek to destroy the winning streaks and break the Penn State football team for a long, long time.  Taking away wins, breaks the pride, and the sanctions placed upon the football organization then take away future hope (at the very least for the next 4 years).

      Many are saying they are glad Penn State has to pay the price because in a way they let this happen, they created a giant so big that it allowed child sex abuse to go unstopped, unmentioned and covered up.

      OK, I agree.  Penn State is at fault.  The winning definitely caused the cover up issues that ensued, but I'm worried they went too far. 

      I am not saying the sanctions don't fit the crime...hear that.  My worry comes in because with such a harsh sanction I fear that if there are any other school dealing with this issue they will work harder than Penn State at covering it up.  This is a huge shot the NCAA has taken on Penn State, so big in fact that I think it will have the opposite effect they want it to.

     They hope this 1. saves their butts for missing it earlier; 2. that the punishment is so severe that no school will let this deep sin to ever happen again within College Football.

      I think it will (if there is more like this issue) cause fear, cover up and much more hiddenness.  I worry this to be the case and if I am right, we are only perpetuating more ugliness to go hidden.

    I fear the fall-out of these sanctions will be a great many more painful secrets that may or may not come out of hiding.

      I hope and pray I am wrong but I do see this a s huge negative.

      They may have worked, they may have been right to put such heavy sanctions (they are certainly deserved) on Penn State.

     I'm just throwing a whisper of caution out there because I know our culture and our culture loves to have secrets and when we see the severity of a punishment if our secrets come out...the more likely we are to hide them deeper.