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    Friday, June 15, 2012

    Why Men have Mustaches

     Yesterday I got something caught in my mustache.  Pulling it out hurt a bit.  My daughter (who is six months old) continues to grab my 'stache and beard.  These two things got me thinking: why did God give the blessing of a mustache to us men?

      Is it because we needed something to make us look a bit wiser?  Maybe.

      Is it because we needed to resemble monkey's more than the ladies?  Less likely.

    Do we get the blessing of mustaches because we'd make them look cool like the picture above, while women wouldn't flaunt it quite the same way?  That's pretty likely.

      This line of thinking got me thinking something else: why is a mustache necessary at all?  I mean why did God invent the mustache?

      I came to the conclusion that the mustache is there to catch food so that food doesn't stain our upper lip.

      That conclusion led me to discover the answer why men needed mustaches.  Take a look at these two pics and  I think you'll agree.

     What a difference, right?  Food shoved into the face vs. delicate eating....We as men are more likely to suffer from food staining our upper lip!  It all makes sense!

    Why do YOU think men have mustaches???

    Just a bit of Friday fun!