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    Friday, April 27, 2012

    Politics 2012

       I must confess my near complete ignorance of the political races this year.  Three years ago, I was a bit more savvy, better read and cared a whole lot more about the whole "Who's the next President?"  I'm not sure if it's because I've had kids, moved away from politically thick New York or I just became completely apathetic.

      I'm pretty sure the last one isn't true, because I do care what goes on, and who goes into the oval office, I think I've been laying low because of the hype certain people were getting...then lost.  The game before now really doesn't mean much at all, it's just words, money spent, campaigns launched and campaigns crashed.  The TV is replete with bashing words against the other candidate, tabloids are chock full of what the daughters, wives, sons, grandmas and grandpas of each candidate to be were doing last week and why those stories will effect for good or ill the outcome of the candidate.

    It's all so fake and annoying.  Yeah, that's why I've been ignorant of what's been going on...I just plain hate those games.

      Now, we get to the real deal, right, now we have two strong candidates?  It's all going to be policy, personality, best political understanding and what's truly best for the American people right?  Sadly no. 

    Christians are all up in a tizzy about the religious states of both candidates.  Romney: Mormon; Obama: Christian claiming with Islamic family past.  Some say we need Obama because who needs a Mormon.  Others say a Mormon is better than a no good Democrat who's dug us into deep holes.

    Non-Christians and Christians a like vote stronger on their political affiliation than anything else but Non-Christians don't always try to use religion in their decision, just who is on "their side" of issues.

      I'm not here advocating for either candidate because as I stated earlier I'm pretty ignorant of what the main "issues" are, as I educate myself on the candidates, I will later weigh in.  I think I may just vote Ross Perot (don't worry, I know he's not running) because he has a lot of money and has never gotten his shot...kind of like the political Trix bunny, everyone just tells him: "Poor Ross, the President seat is just for real politicians".

    These are just a few of my dribbles on politics 2012.  Feel free to weigh in your thoughts and ideas...I just hate the games, can I get an AMEN?