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    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    I'm a Winner!!!

      A Couple of days ago, I entered in a contest at Mark Oestreicher's blog to win two tickets to Blue Like Jazz and a free copy of the way Bible.

      As lady luck would have it...I WON!

      I am stoked about both prizes because both are pretty freaking awesome and very spot on for where I am in life right now. As the Young Adult Pastor at my church, many of the themes and issues that are in both the movie and the new Bible are things I will use to help these College and Young Adults walk through. 

      The movie, for once is not your typical "Christian film".  It is a film that earns a PG-13 rating because it shows real life scenarios and allows the viewers to see that not everything in a life (particularly the Christian life) is happy-clappy.

      Many companies are getting lambasted for the retouching of their models because it causes young women and young men to compare themselves to what they see.  This comparison then leads to all sorts of issues like eating disorders and depression to name a few.  What happens when all the movies that are "Christian" show happy-clappy lives, with white picket fences and a beautiful resolution at the end do to the normal Joe who believes in Jesus but struggles, doubts and sees that all things aren't white picket fences and beautiful resolutions?  I think disillusionment, dis-contentedness and bitterness can arise...I think it's high time we see a film like this that doesn't put the happy-clappy, easy-peasy swing to the Christian lifestyle but shows reality...so needless to say, I am stoked to go see it!!

      The Way Bible has a strong translation as well as strong contributors to helping folks understand better the meaning of what is being said.  I am stoked to be getting a free copy of such great work!  Being that is is directed at speaking to the 17-30 year old is unique and NEEDED as well.  Not many Bibles come out for this age group but they need to and the folks that have contributed to this version are people who know, get and love young people...so it has not only knowledge but invested interest into it...which is stronger than just a good "word".

      Welp, I'm sure you're jealous of me, but you needn't stay jealous long because you can go see the movie and buy the Bible!

      Below are some ads for both.  Check em out, then go see Blue Like Jazz and get yo'self a new Bible!