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    Tuesday, January 31, 2012

    I'm Against That!

    I know this comes as little surprise to many but it's been bothering me lately, so I'm going to share.

      The vast majority of Christians today are known more for what they are against than what they are for.  This to me, is in congruent with the Gospel of Jesus.

      Most airwaves with Christians on them are talking about what they are against.  They spout how this is wrong and that is wrong but give little to NO direction as to why they believe that.  What message does it spread to the world if all we talk about is how we are against all the bad stuff they do?  Does this message offer hope, or despair?  Does this message draw people into a relationship with Jesus or push them further away?

      I'm not saying it's bad to be against stuff, we have to make stands in our culture that will be frowned upon...however, what is the main drum we beat?  What dominates our books, radio stations and magazines?  Is it the Gospel of Jesus, or is it our hatred for certain things (and certain people)?

      What does it tell the world when they see Christians angry and picketing things they are against?  What message does the contorted angry face give to a hurting world?

      When Jesus saw a whore being stoned, did he join in?

      When Jesus saw a conniving, self-centered, "legal thief" looking for him, did Jesus say to him: "You dirty man!  I am against you and your kind!"?

    Why do we continue to neglect the example of Jesus in these matters?  Why do we vehemently oppose things publicly while forgetting to even mention the name of Jesus at work? How do we justify contorted angry faces for things we see opposed to God, yet can't allow ourselves to feel broken over the lost, hurting and hungry? 

    What does it say about our connection to a loving God when we ourselves have little real love to go around...except for those like us?

    Again, we do need to make stands against culture, I agree with that. BUT, why can't we make stands the way Jesus did...by bringing peace, healing, wholeness and redemption?

    *As a side note, I've noticed this with Blogs as well...usually Christians only comment on a blog when they disagree...just pointing that out*


    Erik Pasco said...

    I honestly think it has to do with the news media. When all we see an listen to is people debating and fighting with one another we a Chrisians behave as if we are apart of some culture war, and we're loosing. Bad news sells ads. Controversy, gossip, over the top stories and personalities with huge egos - these are the things that are valuable in our society. No wonder it filters into our churches and conversations as Christians.

    We need to tell a more compelling story than those we hear every day in the news. If God is so powerful, and if he changed lives. Let's talk about these things. Let's participate in conversations that exalt Jesus, not ourselves or our "issues"

    Unknown said...

    I just had this convo with my husband! I can dissagree and choose not to participate in an event instead of yelling and picketing!