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    Friday, July 15, 2011

    LOUISVILLE, Here we Come!

    Myself and 47 other people will soon be leaving on our missions trip to Louisville, KY!!

      I am taking a group of wonderful Middle Schoolers and this is the blog to check in on!  Everyday I will post pictures, videos and the like in order to show how God is moving in the lives of the kids at ACAC as well as in the people we serve.

      I am excited and pumped for this trip and know that God will do great things!  Many of the students going this year will be experiencing short terms missions for the first time, which means some parents are first time "senders" if you will.  If that's you, don't worry, your kids are safe and will be serving the King this week.  Pray that God will grow them, stretch them and show them more of Himself as they serve like Jesus serves.

      This years Youth Works theme is "Be Different" and that's what this trip is all about.  Many teens sit at home, eat junk food, watch TV all day and do nothing with their summer.  These teens will be different and experience missions, serving Jesus!  We will be working with the inner-city summer day camps, the homeless, city planting and the elderly.

     Please pray for safe travels, expectant and servant hearts and for God to show up in a big way in the lives of the teens and those we serve!

      Keep your eyes peeled as we daily unwrap the news for you right here!