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    Monday, July 18, 2011


     Wow, today was packed but it was still AWESOME!

      We woke up at 6:45 and got ready for the day.  Many people were a bit groggy but in pretty good spirits.  We ate a delicious breakfast meal at 7:15, cleaned up breakfast and the facility then headed to our morning devotion time.

      Once we got to the devo time, you could feel the excitement of the day welling up in the kids.  They were all anticipating what was coming and were seemingly ready for it too.  We spent 20 minutes in our devotions, then headed out to our sites.

      We all pretty much arrived at our sites around 9:30am and hit the ground running.  In my group (Nate Davis, Josh Grant, Zach Hanson, Austin Reed, Shelly Kovaly, Trey Bailey, Calema Graham, Rebecca Rodney, Allison Turnbull, Morgan Moman and Caylyn Smiley Jones) we headed to a Baptist church.  This church had a flood 2.5 years ago that wiped out their whole basement.  Our task was to clean and prime the space and tomorrow we paint it.  The students did an amazing job!  There hearts were full and their hands were busy. God truly used them to bless this church.  After we were done there, we ate lunch and then headed out to our 2nd site, which was a Boys and Girls club.  There we played sports, watched movies, played games and helped keep the kids in line.  Again, the teens jumped right in and engaged with the kids.  Many I saw really getting to know some of the little kids and starting a good relational foundation we will keep throughout the week.

      I will try to highlight a different groups day in the coming days, so don't worry, more news of different children is forth coming.  Some groups helped refugees learn English, helped refugees move into their apartments, worked alongside the elderly, and helped run a day camp.  Glory to God all the leaders reported a great, safe first day.  All of our teens had great attitudes and servants hearts as they did these adventures today.  Craig Lawhead specifically named Josh Dever and Abby Furman as servants serving like Jesus!

      After we had out projects, we headed home for free time and dinner.  We hung out, showered and ate spaghetti!

      Later we headed to a park to enjoy some sports and water spickets!  We had a blast playing football, Frisbee and running through the water park.

      Next we headed back to our site and had our club time where we learned about "Believing Differently".  The speaker shared about the Centurion and his faith.  He touched on the fact that the Centurion had more faith then others because he believed differently.  We were asked to rethink some things we take for granted in the Christian faith such as: Jesus Loves Me.  We know it, but do we believe differently than just knowing it?

      We broke up into small groups and discussed what we learned and many students were catching the fact that they didn't believe it as deeply or as intimately as they should have.  It was a great and powerful evening!

      I can't tell you enough how much God is doing in your students here in Louisville.  He is stretching them for sure but they are starting to see that there is so much more to this Christian life than they originally thought.  Please keep praying for there attitudes and their openness to hear and see God this week!

    Below is an interview with Nate Davis.  I will be posting these on my youtube account : www.youtube.com/picako7 as well as the ACAC Student Min Facebook: www.facebook.com/acacstudentmin check all the videos and photos out!  Great shots of all the students!!