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    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    Soul Print--A Book Review

     As part of the Blogging for Books from Waterbrook/Multnomah I was lucky enough to receive Mark Batterson's new book Soul Print for review.

      I have read all of Mark's other works and have never walked away upset that I spent time reading his stuff.  This book is no different.  Mark writes the way he preaches and teaches which is a very matter-of-fact type of communication.  I enjoy this type of writing because it is more raw, real and untamed.

      In this book Soul Print Mark tackles the idea of Identity and Purpose from the storyline of David.  Mark opens with the Goliath scene and takes the reader on a personal journey through David's life, which also exposes their own life along the way.  Mark takes David's lie frame by frame and shares where God is printing your (my) unique soul print within David's narrative.

      Mark is real and honest as he authentically shares his heart and the junk he himself has dealt with in order for him to fully see the Soul Print in which God has placed on his life.  I love his authentic approach to this topic and felt very relieved to read such honest discussion from his own life experience.

      This book is very well written, very well thought out and impactful.  I recommend this book to anyone because no matter where you are at in your Spiritual walk, I think there are some good nuggets you can grab out of this book.

      One of the funny things about this book is that I was reading echoes of what I wrote about in my own book.  This was not to say anything except that God ministered to me about how my writing is on track with what his Spirit is saying.  We need to know our True Identity (or our Soul Print) and we need to be real with God, others and ourselves in order for us to come to the place of deep inner-healing that we desperately need.  This book brings those issues to the table and I was pleased to see and hear someone else saying what I've been saying for years!