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    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Small Faith, Great God

    I know there is a lot of debate that has gone on in the Evangelical world about NT Wright and his theology, especially when it comes to Justification, but I must say, this man's brain is amazing. His thoughts on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are deep and profound and I enjoy reading his writing, even if I don't agree with all of his thougths on Justification.

      This book, which is a second edition from his work done in the 70's is just as impactful as his other works. Small Faith, Great God is a collection of sermons based on faith and the great God who inspires our faith. It may be a short book, but that in no way negates its powerful message.

      Section one of the book is called: "Faith in a Great God", where NT expounds on God's greatness from both the Old and New Testaments, reminding the reader that we can have faith in God, because He alone is Great, Wonderful and trustworthy. NT does a great job of making this huge concept of God and His Greatness smaller and more understandable.

      Section two of the book is called "Faith to Live and Love" which is a discussion on how our faith should change the way we live and how we love others. Our faith shouldn't be something we simply talk about, but something we fully live out. One of the best ways to see the fruit of our faith is in how we love others and love the lost. NT has great illustrious stories that hit this point well, both from his life and from the Scripture, making the reader step back and ask if the faith they claim to have is really changing the way they live and love.

      Section three is called "Faith to Walk in the Dark" which is a dialogue about how even when things seem out of wack, we can rely on God in the dark times as well as the good times. God is a promise keeper, not a promise breaker so if he vows to guard and prtect us, he will do just that and we can lay back fully secure in his arms, even when life seems to be telling a different story than that of security.

      As I said before and have said several times even before that: I enjoy reading NT Wright's works. God has gifted him with a great ability to preach, teach and tell stories and his ability to see Scripture and translate it to everyday understanding is incredible. I think this is a great book to read and encourage any believer about their faith, because even if our faith is small, our God is Great. God fills all our lackings with himself and is our All in All.

      Being reminded how Big our God is was very encouraging to me. It was an excellent reminder that my God can and will handle everything. I get so stuck on what can I do, or how can I help myself get out of this or that mess and I neglect to rest in the arms of my God who so desperately desires me to trust him. I find myself relying on my own fallibility and forgetting how Big and infallible my God is.

    Our God is BIG and GREAT! Let us rejoice in his Goodness!