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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Pinnochio Vs. The Real Boy

    Dear Friends and Family,

       I'm not aware how many of you know, but for the past 3 years, I've been writing a book and last year around this time I finished the book entirely. Since that time I have been pursuing a publisher very intently, I've been praying and hoping and dreaming that this book that was so heavy on my heart could be placed in the hands of people who could gain something from it. Just this past week, I received my first "yes" from a company...which is a HUGE praise!

        However, as I shared this news with some of my writing friends and they reviewed the company alongside of me, we noticed that this wouldn't be the best fit for me and the book I have felt so strongly about. After praying about it, thinking about it, talking with Hilary and some of my writing friends, I've decided to venture down the road of self-publishing. If I were to go with the Publisher that offered me the contract, I would see my book in print and little more, which for me isn't want I desired. I feel that the content of my book (listed below) is worth much more than just me and a close few reading it. I feel in fact that many could and will benefit from my book because I truly believe God placed it on my heart to write.

       If I were to go this route, many more people can and will read my book and can be positively affected by its message. One of my advisors (who is also my boss) challenged me today to take the risk and self-publish to which I responded: "I don't have the money to do that." He knowingly shook his head and challenged me to then raise the money, and offered a small amount to help. This is why I have written this email: to ask for your financial support for this endeavor.

       Tonight I am placing on my facebook, a paypal fundraising application, to which anyone who desires can donate whatever amount they desire via either paypal or credit card. Just because you are on this email list, doesn't mean I expect you to give anything at all. You are on this list because you have helped make this book a reality by being in my life and I am simply asking if you would partner with me in this, even if it is only in prayer. The publishing world is a jungle and I have found out the hard way that no company worth their salt is taking on a new author who isn't known...it's simply too risky. I decided not to go this route a year ago because I thought it was a cop-out, yet I am convinced today that this is something that must be done in order to get my book out. My motive is to share with others what God has shared with me. There is an incentive, of sorts, to donate! I can, in fact, keep track of who gives and the amount and I will give 1 book to every donor of $20 or more! So, if you donate $20 to help me, you get a book written by someone you know!

    I need to raise $4,000 and only $4,000. This covers: editing (done REALLY WELL), ISBN number, promotion on AMAZON.com and BARNES & NOBLE as well as marketing, 100 free books, brochure hand outs, book layout, distribution costs and more. It seems like a daunting number to me, but I know with your help, it can happen! Also, if you want to see the amazing books that the publishing company I'm going with is producing, go to this website: http://www.intermediapub.com/books.htm

    My facebook URL (where you can donate) is: http://www.facebook.com/pastormarv

    I hope many of you are wondering what the book is even about and I have produced a lengthy description so you can know exactly what is being produced and for whom it is being written. That description is below:

    I am a Youth Pastor at Allegheny Center Alliance Church (of the Christian and Missionary Alliance) and the book I am presenting to you is titled: Pinocchio Vs. The Real Boy (mainly for Youth Pastors/Youth Leaders/Pastors and Church Leaders but also can be used for young adults). Relationships with others can be extremely difficult, as can our relationship with God. Most of our relationships are inauthentic and ineffective, especially those in the church. We are a society of people that like to keep our problems, sins and doubts to ourselves, never opening up to others or being transparent. We struggle on our own, because we fear the disappointed faces of our Christian brothers and sisters. 1 John 1:5-2:14 gives amazing insight on the importance of being real and honest to the point of transparency with both God and men. Once we come to this place of allowing ourselves to be transparent with both God and men we can have true, effective and authentic relationships with others and our Lord. We fear this type of intimacy and aren’t well acquainted with it. This book will be a sort of field guide to this type of authenticity, asking pointed questions at the end of each chapter to get the reader really wrestling with the ideas proposed by the chapter. That is the premise and foundation of my book Pinnochio Vs. The Real Boy. It is also a strong call for Pastors and Leaders to lead the charge on authenticity so we can stop making false followers but instead ones that are real. It starts with us. If we can’t be real, own up to our junk and allow God the Great Physician to work on us, our disciples (mainly Youth) will follow that path of living fake.

    Being a Youth Pastor and involved with youth for over 8 years, I have seen the adverse effects on Teens and 20-somethings being fake people and experiencing fake people within the church. There are numerous stats about churched teens walking away from their faith after they go to college and I believe full heartedly that this is due to (at least in part) the fake perfection that the church as a whole demands. Baker Books recently released a book entitled “UnChristian” which was a survey of young believers and non-believers about the church, and this idea of what I call “fakeness” was a huge piece of why people don’t accept or walk away from church and Jesus. I have a firm conviction that teens and young adults (as well as older adults) NEED to hear this message. I feel that if the church as a whole were to grab on to the principles laid down in 1 John 1:5-2:14 we’d see this generation POURING into the church, begging to be a part of a genuine, transparent community.

    As previously stated, this book is focused towards Pastors and Leaders, and targeted thus. It will make a difference in the age group specified because, from my experience of working with teens group for over 8 years, I can see it being the heart-cry of their generation and we need to live it first in order to teach it in word and deed. They desire real authenticity, no more false pretenses, no more fake facades, but they desire raw transparency. People (teens in general) have grown disillusioned with the way church is and need to find Christ in the church.

    Pinnochio Vs. The Real Boywill be around 180pages in length (46,462 words). It will encompass 11 chapters, each around an average of 15 pages in length.

    Thank you so very much for reading all of this and considering to donate to this cause!

    Here's the website to donate directly: http://apps.facebook.com/fundrazr/activity?crid=91448ef62de74cce89a9b34ca1dda9d2


    Rick Nau said...

    Hello Marv,

    I left you a twitter tweet re: 48hr books. Also, you can publish your book online for free at http://issuu.com/. Have some friends in Christ help you with editing and cover design and your book is available to millions for little or no money. You can even get your book on the iPad if you spend at few bucks having the file changed into the right format.

    All God's Blessings,


    Anonymous said...