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    Thursday, August 5, 2010

    Cincy Day #5

      Today was our last day of service with YouthWorks in Cincinnati, OH.  It was a good day, with much of the same as the past few days, except that we had to say good bye to our kids and work site friends, which was hard and sad for many.

      We came back from our service time as well as our shower time at the local YMCA and began to prepare for a community cook-out where we would mingle with some of the local community folk, eat dinner off the grill with them and enjoy a nice conversation.  Not only did we hang out, enjoy good food but we also played some good sports!  I played football (ya know, the real kind...the kind where you throw and catch a ball...) while others played some soccer. 

      This cook-out was a total blast and a good wind-down for our kids.  When we got back to the site, we had the boys pack all there things and put all but their bedding and other essentials on the trailer.  We then headed into our club time, which was the BEST yet!

      At the end of the service, we did a foot washing where we leaders washed the feet of the teens and prayed over them.  God spoke to the heart of all our teens in a MIGHTY and powerful way.  The Holy Spirit was strong and powerful hitting our kids in the heart with His truth.  Many kids felt an overwhelming sense of God's love for them and couldn't stop crying because it hit them so hard.

      We had all the guys write out what they felt God saying to them and all of them heard a word from the Lord and were able to claim it as such!  Please, ask your students share with you what they heard God speak into them...trust me, it's GREAT stuff.

      I know this entry was a bit short, but the impact of that evening service I believe will echo throughout the rest of these students lives...if they let it!  Tomorrow, we head out to come home!

     Parents: I will have the teens call you as we are in transit so they can relay the exact time in which we will be arriving!

    See ya in the afternoon tomorrow!