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    Monday, August 2, 2010

    Cincy Day #2

    Today was our first "ministry day" where we woke up early, had some good breakfast, spent some time with God and went to work!

      Our group was split into many different groups (7 to be exact).  Some of us were split into groups with other churches and some were just with ACAC but all went super well!

      First, my group: Shawnee, Ramello, Andrew D., Dougie, Essence, Monroe and Nick V. were up early and started putting breakfast together as well as the lunch for the day.

      My group was one of the mixed groups where we had some Canadian friends along with us.  We worked with an inner-city day camp all day and got to know a ton of the kids and enjoyed hanging out with them as well as teaching them.  One thing that cracked me up was that Dougie Graham decided to pull out the game "Life" and was soon swarmed by about 5 teens.  He ended up playing the game "Life" for literally 2 hours!  The kids loved Dougie and it was really cool to watch.

      Two more groups from ACAC worked with some inner-city day camps and hearing their stories and seeing the pictures some of them had was quite interesting.  God has been using these teens in a mighty way and being the largest group of Middle Schoolers have impressed the staff at Youth Works with their maturity and willingness to step in.

      I loved seeing and hearing many of the stories that have been popping up, make sure to draw out some of these stories when the kids get home, because like I said, God has been doing great things!

      After we got back from our work sites, we headed to the showers to change and clean up.  After that was some free time and Dinner, tonight we ate pasta and garlic bread...it was delicious!

      After dinner, we headed to our Evening activity which was the "Purple People Bridge" (Ask the kids to explain why it's called that way) and had a fun time playing in the park.  We even played an international game of ultimate Frisbee!

      After the great evening away, we came home and had our session with the YW Staff was about "Getting out of the Boat" and not allowing our fears to guide us.  After the talk, we headed into small group time and discussed the talk further.

      After that we headed to bed!  Here's the link to some of the videos we took today: http://www.youtube.com/user/picako7

      Here's an interview of Josh Gazica: