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    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    LIFE 2010---Day 2

    The picture here is a picture of Francis Chan hugging his daughter.  He used this picture as how we should be with God, totally trusting and totally free to rest in his arms!  This was from the night session and it was GREAT!

      Today, we woke up and got on the bus around 7am so we can get to the expo center for some breakfast!  After eating, we headed directly to the first session of the day where Francis Chan talked about creation and how awesome all the things God created are.  He hit the point, his "Big Idea" if you will that we are not only created by God but  for God and so we should live that way, handing over our lives to God because it's all  for Him!

      After the first session, we broke out into seminars which were varied but the feedback from all the teens and leaders was extremely positive!

      After the seminars, we headed to Lunch!  In the video below, you'll find out what we ate for lunch as well as what some of the teens are learning!

      Next, we moved into another seminar time, and then some free time followed that where students were encouraged to check out the expo room, look at the LIFE store, check out the college booths and have a good time.

      After our free time, it was again time for some grub.  We had a great meal then headed to the last session, where we snagged some SWEET seats.  Here Francis talked about temptation and how we have a real enemy who doesn't want God to effect change in our lives.  This was a deep time where God really hit some of the kids deep down.  Each student we talked with had a desire to make these changes real and not just some "spiritual high" here in Lousiville.  Chan also talked about our trust in the Father and how we are able to run to God with open arms and he will not let us go.  As pictured above, he brought his own daughter up to illustrate this point.

      Lastly, we went into small groups to share authentically what God was speaking to us. God is moving! Many teens were open and real about their fears/struggles.  We prayed, headed back to the hotel and went to bed!  Below is a 5 minute video of our day...enjoy!


    Travis Deans said...

    Hey Marv, thanks for posting these updates - great to hear what's going on. Our students from Cherry Tree Alliance in Uniontown are out there too so it's cool to hear what's happening!

    Anonymous said...


    Portland St. Bible Study said...

    Thanks so much, Pastor Marv, for doing the blog. It is great to see and hear all the great things you all are learning. It helps us pray more, too. Doug and Lisa