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    Monday, July 5, 2010

    LIFE 2010-ACAC Blog

      Hello and welcome; this is the official Blogspot for  ACAC LIFE 2010!

      This is where you will have up to the minute, on the money information from Louisville, KY.

      Each night, we will write a new blurb of what happened that day, but it will be so much more than just a blurb.  We will have interviews, pictures, videos and testimonies of what God is doing in the lives of the teens as well as in the leaders.

     Once the conference is over, this blog will not stop, because we will be moving into a service component and will remain posting all new content each night!

      You may be wondering what the rest of the stuff on this blog is and that's a good question.  Normally this is Pastor Marv's personal blog, but he has reliquished it for the next 11 days so we can keep all of you informed as to what is happening in our lives and what God is up to during this trip.  Please check in each night for an update on LIFE 2010!!

      It's going to be an amazing trip, please keep us in your prayers!