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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    iServe Day 3

    This was the last and final day of iServe, tomorrow we head home (well if your reading this it's probably today)!

      I will keep this brief, because I want you to ask your teens, friends or friends teens what it is they saw today.

      God used us to clean, serve food, sweep floors, throw trash in dumpsters and much much more!

      We've all been on this journey together (you included) as we've seen God move, God work and God use us for His Glory!

      Many stories are yet to be told, many experiences have yet to be shared so poke, prod and dig deep this coming week as to what specifically God has been doing in and through your teen.  If you desire to go back through the blogs for reference, please do! In order for you to do this easily, on the right hand side, there are "categories", all of these blogs are under the title "LIFE 2010"  In fact, I will make it easier!

      Just click HERE: LIFE 2010  to check out all of this weeks blogs!

      I hope you've enjoyed this blogging experience!  In fact, if you have and have time, please comment on the blogs that you enjoyed, share some love and share what has impacted you most.  I will be posting some more videos (like the awesome gospel choir we heard tonight!) on Youtube and even redoing some of the videos to post other places...so be on the look out!

      Don't forget: God used all of these teens this week, so ask them questions (and use the past blogs as starter questions ;) ) 

      Time for bed so we can be well rested for the drive home!