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    Friday, July 23, 2010

    The Holy Spirit Part# 1

    I'm putting together a series on the Holy Spirit for my Middle Schoolers and desired to see what people think of the Holy Spirit.  I asked my facebook/twitter friends to share their thoughts, those thoughts are below.  It's interesting to see other people's perspective on God, especially their perspective on the Person of The Holy Spirit.

      Soon, I will reflect across these ideas, and work to put a working theology suitable for Teens together in my 8 week series on the Holy Spirit.  Track with me on this fun journey and read what people think!

    Marvin Nelson- For Blog post: When you hear the words "Holy Spirit" what do you think of? *please reply*

    Douglas C Taylor- seriously, the first image that pops into my head, is a whirlwind of power. I can see it coming enveloping and there is nothing I can do but be moved and be amazed to follow. Have I had that happen? Not really, but close enough to think it possible.

    Dara Macek Rodney- overwhelming uncontrollable power over me, revelation in confusion

     Cat Ross Miller yes please.... :-)

    Roger Walburn- Wind... blowing thru tress... And Billy Graham's quote: you can't see the wind, but you can see the effects of the wind...

    Kelly Hines Walburn- invisible

     Larry Rhoads- since no one said this yet, i will put the sarcastic answer whiskey. to be honest, i think of an aura.

    Myiah Davis- the spirit of god that lives in my heart all the time (my mom said that)

    Annette Exley- The indwelling presence of God.
    Marvin Nelson -What do you think about the Holy Spirit?

    David Ketter- If it were not for his work, Jesus' blood would never have been applied to me, I would still not have power to do good, I would be terribly undiscerning, I would have no gifts for ministry and my preaching would have no power or effectiveness. In other words, I am grateful for him and his amazing work.

     Angela Corey- absolutely and totally crucial to living in power in every day life. The words says he has been sent as the the one who will convict and teach us all things since Christ has gone. NO Holy Spirit, no conviction, no conviction, no true repentance, no real repentance, no real salvation! Crucial to salvation and the growth required of Christians!