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    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    The Stirring

    I'm in the midst of a Spiritual Stirring. I know that sounds weird, but there is not other way to describe it...I feel stirred.

    Imagine a huge cup of coffee, freshly brewed, dark, thick and delicious. However, something is missing...the creamer. The creamer is meant to be poured in, stirred and helps to take the bitter edge off and gives a cleaner, more flavorfull sip (unless of course you enjoy black and only black coffee). Next in order to ensure full flavor you must then stir the creamer into the coffee so that it then will permeate every portion of blackness inside the coffee cup. Now it's ready to be enjoyed.

    I feel like God is stirring me, burning my spirit for something new? different? more? I don't know. I'm not unhappy with life, in fact life is freakin' sweet right now! I'm content, satisfied with my new (now not so new job), totally stoked about my long future here, I love my wife, adore my son and am blown away by God's gracious provision, yet God is saying: "More" to my soul. He is saying: "New" to my heart, and he is saying: "Deeper" to my inmost being.

    Ever feel stirred?

    God is a master at mystery. God is a great artisan at making us seek Him. Little whispers, the still, small voice, yet soft and quiet. He draws us to Himself, sharing He wants to show us something, then he waits with perfect timing to reveal to us exactly what He's been preparing us to hear.

    I have no idea what this "new", "more", "deeper" will be (if it is anything tangible). It could be more desire to study His Word. It could be new gifts He's kept unlocked within me, it could be a deeper understanding of my gifts I already know about...it could be more brokeness. It could be new creativity. It could be deeper desire for Him. It could be new opportunities (like a book deal). It could be more frustration, more pain, more suffering, which would lead to both new and deeper understanding.

    It could be many other things, or it could be simply untangible realities that I may never see.

    All I know is that he's stirring me like a coffee cup full of new creamer that is swirling and swirling around. I've been tested, challenged and forced to see the junk in my heart. God's been putting me face-to-face with my weaknesses and saying: "Now what will you do with this knowledge I've given you?" That also could be a part of it all.

    With God, one can never know for certain what He will do in and through our lives. We can only hand over control to Him and know that he's our "Jehovah Jireh". When He stirs us, I know it is to make us in the long run to taste better.
    I'm looking forward to what all of this will mean...or maybe I'm afraid of the implications. OK, if I'm honest, I'm way more scared thatn excited. The end result is what I'm "looking forward to".
    Ever been stirred?


    Anonymous said...

    Love the "stirring" of your soul Marv. I am right there with you...only I get far too impatient at times...gotta go back to the "wait and see what marvelous thing God will do" thing again and again. I guess I am not done learning that yet! :) Your words are an inspiration to my life, don't stop writing this blog!!.