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    Saturday, September 19, 2009

    The Joy's of Daddy Hood

    Today, I held a urine filled diaper across a parking lot.

    Wow, big deal some may say. And their right, when your a daddy, carrying poopy, smelly diapers isn't even a big deal. It's all part of the territory.

    Before I was a daddy, I would change a diaper and gag...I can now get through a 4 wiper (that's daddy talk for a HUGE poop that takes up 4 wipes) without so much as a cough.

    As I sit here writing this, my son is crying his head off, so I will be right back...

    Just a little hungry. Mommy is out and it's me and the little guy.

    I am amazed at the amount of body fluids that comes out of my son...just indredible.

    I love being a daddy, even the hard things (like lack of sleep, loss of freedom and hightened responsibility).

    When I reflect on fatherhood this way, I always think of how God is my Father. I mean, he carries much more than urine filled diapers of mine. How about all my sinful trash that I hand over?

    He gave up much more than sleep, freedom and the ability to be irresponsible. He did it because he too loves being a Daddy.

    The word "Abba" in the Bible can and should be translated "Daddy" in English. He enjoys being our Abba, he revels in it. Yet, he's not afraid to discipline us, guide us, direct us and let us know when we're being foolish.

    He sent His son the God-Man Jesus Christ to die on the cross for me and for you. 1 John 4:8 says that "God is Love". Abba acted out of Love when Jesus died, John 3:16 affirms this.

    I Love being a Daddy, because it allows me to see God in a different light. Picturing God carry my sinfilled diaper and chucking it on my behalf (because, like my son, I lack the power to chuck my sin). It's only through the cross and the empty tomb that my sin can be chucked.

    Thank You Abba!