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    Monday, April 27, 2009

    The Noticer by Andy Andrews

    This is the story of many people and one man. Jones, a seeming vagabond travels in and out of people's lives at the exact moment they need him to be there. With his brown leather suitcase and his sage advice, he helps people Notice things about themselves and their lives that they've never been able to see. It's Jones' gift...to be a Noticer. He gives others the perspective they lack and helps them get their lives off the deep end and back on the road.

    From the author himself, to many of the people in Orange Beach Alabama, Jones touched their lives. He saved Andy from a life of destruction and helped him along his way to a new perspective. He helps an angry, cheating business man gain new perspective and helps him see how he can be a better person, husband and businessman.

    Is Jones white? Is he Asian? Or, is he Hispanic? You will actually never find out. However, if you read this book you will see lives changed by the sage perspective that Jones brings...and you may find yourself within the pages of this book, needing a new perspective.

    This book is full of great perspective for any one. Andy, using the voice of Jones speaks to many people within this small book, from people with marriage problems to people with financial problems to people with suicide. It was a great book. It did indeed does give the perspective it talks about. It is well written and easy to see yourself in the story. This in part is helped by the author putting himself in the pages as well, being the second main character (other than Jones) within the pages of his book.

    Lastly, I think this book has come out at a time where people NEED a new perspective and need a Christ-like view (which I do believe Jones gives here and there). If you need a new perspective, pick this book up and read it. God will use Andy and this book to shine some light on your life.

    Connected to this book is something called the Noticer Project, in which the author wants us (the readers) to notice the 5 most important/influential people in our lives and personally thank them. Click The Noticer Project for more information.

    If nothing else, check out this video on YouTube. It's a great intro for anyone looking to get this book!

    Noticer YouTube Video