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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    His Name is Jesus---Book Review

    "He was, at once Divine and Human. Common, yet extraordinary. A one-of-a-kind God-man who befriended sinners and outwitted death. His Name is Jesus. Come follow his footsteps . Listen to his words. Hear them with your heart."

    That is from the back cover, but it is what this book is all about: Jesus. Seeing his life from birth-death and understanding why it is important for us today!

    Before I start this review, you need to know something about me: I hate "picture books". When I read, I want black ink on white paper. Maybe a couple black & white graphs or so, so I can better imagine the authors chart or whatever but never a book full of vibrant colors and pictures.

    The reason is that I am a bit ADD and I never get to reading the book, just looking at the pictures. So, if there is a book with tons of color pictures, I hate that book.

    This book has TONS of pictures...but I didn't hate it! The editors set this book up well and due to it being Easter month for me, I slowly read and absorbed the content. It follows the birth, life and death of Jesus with excerpts from Max Lucado's other books as well as has some new content ingeniously spread around the entire book.

    I am not a fan of publishers re-printing great authors content for another "money-making" book, because they know that fans of that author will buy the book simply because it has the authors name. When I first received this book for review, this was my initial reaction. I thought I was receiving all new content from Max, but ended up with a book of excerpts.

    Again, when I got to reading the book, this didn't bother me so much, because the way in which it was pieced together. It was well thought-out, well planned and executed well. Thomas Nelson could've slapped it together, but they took time.

    There is a bit of new content, and the new content is good! Max Lucado is a great story teller and his best woven stories of the life of Jesus are artfully put together in this book.

    I hoped to get this out before Easter, but time got away from me and as a Pastor...Easter is a busy time! I do recommend to all that if you have a friend who is wandering about who Jesus is and why what he did was and is so important to us, give them this book!