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    Tuesday, March 24, 2009

    I Have a 2nd Blog!

    You may be asking, why a new blog?

    This new and 2nd blog of mine will deal specifically with Youth Ministry as I see, wrestle and deal with it within my Theology as an Emerging Youth Pastor.

    Many things need to change within Youth Ministry and I for one hope to be a voice to help the change, rather than a voice of stagnant complacency.

    We are few, but strong as Emerging Youth Pastors. We are also a growing breed as new manifestos are written. New conferences spoken about and new classes taught at Universities and Colleges alike. People are realizing that the way Youth Ministry has "always been done" is no longer a working model.

    We must adapt, shift and move with this change and here (Emerging Youth Pastor) is where I desire to display how I am shifting and moving within it.

    I will hit many bumps, receive many bruises, but I hope to authentically display how I am dealing with this new dichotomy of movement. I will keep and maintain this blog, which is my personal blog. Some ideas and posts will definitely overlap, but the other blog is only about Youth Ministry from here on out. I have imported my blog posts from this blog to that one, because some of the posts are very relevant to that blog, others not so much...However, I didn't want to start out with another "blank" slated blog.

    Please stay tuned with me as I transparently share my journey as an Emerging Youth Pastor!