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    Friday, March 13, 2009

    Abundantly Blessed

    Let me share with you some amazing things that God has been doing within our lives (mine and Hilary's).

    God has shown Himself to be generous to be sure. Hilary and I were worried about the change in my insurance at the Church. The change wouldn't have been that drastic, unless we were definitely planing a visit to the hospital...which with a baby coming, we knew it was going to happen. With the insurance change, there would now be a charge of $500 in order to receive care. This got us worried, because going into the month of January, we had some credit card debt. Not ridiculous mind you, but nothing to sneeze at to be sure.

    We were worried as to how all of this was going to be done: credit card bills paid off, regular bills paid off, plus this $500 which seemed to loom over our heads.

    Well, God has allowed me to earn enough extra cash at Chili's to now have gotten rid of out debt! Not only that, but God put it on the heart of a blessed fellow believer at our church to give enough money to cover the Hospital fee, plus some!

    We will also now (thanks to the generous donation) have close to enough money saved up for when Hilary goes on maternity leave (she doesn't get paid leave), which with my job at Chili's shouldn't be hard at all to come up with!

    I write this not to say that Hilary and I are amazing, but that God is amazing! We literally had NO clue where the money was going to come from...but God provided! If you are in a similar situation, may our little story of the past few months encourage you to trust God and know he will provide your every need. In times of financial turmoil like the ones we are facing, it isn't easy. Hilary and I were not the "face of calm" when it came to our financial struggles. Just know that the God of this universe, the one, Triune God is BIGGER than finances, bigger than America's stock-market and a whole lot more reliable than both!


    Erik said...

    Amen! Praise God :)

    Anonymous said...

    thanks for sharing dude. good for me to hear right now...