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    Tuesday, February 3, 2009

    Thoughts on The Holy Spirit

    It's amazing that God dwells among us. It's incredible how Spiritual we as humans are and how closely we can be to the Holy One. When I go through my daily life, I forget a lot how spiritual a being I am. I forget about the intimate relationship I have with the Spirit of God and I don't remember to stop and listen to Him.

    When you stop to think of being a Spiritual being, being close to the Almighty God and the ramifications those realities have on our lives, it simply takes your breath away. A God so Holy, so Perfect desires...me, desires...you. He's not an egoist who needs our worship, he's a Father who desires our love. That statement alone should be enough to want to be with this God. He's powerful enough to demand we worship Him, yet loving enough to allow us to choose to or not.

    The Spirit of God is such a mystery to us Humans. He enables us to do GREAT things. He enables us to Hear the Voice of God. He is the gift giver, the counselor, the mediator and the close Essence of God that we experience.

    Why is it we neglect conversations about the Holy Spirit? Why do we forget to mention Him in our sermons? Why do we forget to wait on the Spirit of God?

    The Gifts are REAL, the Giver is WILLING. We as God's Spiritual Beings miss out so much when we design our lives without the Spirit. I know I neglect Him way too often. There are gifts He has for me that I've not taken hold of yet. Our God is a good God who desires to be close...thus He sent His Holy Spirit.