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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    The Power of Discussion

    This week in Sr. High, we continued with our series in 1&2 Corinthians in chapter 12:12-31. I titled this section "The Unit" since it deals with being the Body of Christ, which is a unit.

    This week was a different type of week for the Sr. Highers. Our "typical" schedule is like this: 7-7:35pm gather, chat, drink some sodas and get settled in. 7:40-8:10pm games, some silly, some over the top and some admittedly LAME. 8:10-8:30pm "the Talk", then from 8:30-9pm small groups.

    This format has proven to be a good one...very Youth Ministry 2.0 though (to better understand YM 2.0, go HERE), I know. However, the introduction of small groups served as a catalyst for our YM 3.0 setting to begin to form. This week, I took a risk and had no games AT ALL and had them open their Bibles and discuss. Lo and Behold it worked! Instead of me "preaching" at them, we (all 16 of us) discussed IN DEPTH the meaning of 1 Corinthians 12:12-31.

    The teens were hungry for this type of interaction with the Scriptures and even asked to extend the conversation into next week (This Sunday Night). They allowed myself and the other leaders to help guide some of the thoughts, but they dug deep down and wrestled with the core of this passage.

    I admit that giving over to this type of style is HARD for me...mainly because I'm not the sole voice being heard (selfish, I know...read THIS) and because I'm not in control. I decided to attempt this new format because of reflections that I discussed HERE.

    God is re-shaping me, and in turn re-shaping the way I do ministry...it's difficult to learn "new things" but the benefits far outweigh the difficulty of it all!