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    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    The Hardest Thing

    Tonight was a very hard night...so hard in fact that I'm up at 12:17am writing this entry. Tonight Marko, my longstanding intern told our teens that this was his last Youth Group.

    There is no sin involved, no hard feelings and no punishment. Marko and I are on great terms and love and respect one another like brothers...this was just something God asked him to do.

    I respect Marko deeply, because leaving a ministry is the hardest thing. I remember back to when I was an intern and left my internship to take my job here at Living Christ Church. It was much the same as Marko's. I told them on the very night that would be my last, there were tears, there was anger and there was love. Looking a teen in the eyes and saying: "I have to go" is the hardest part of Youth Ministry...so I respect Marko for how he handled it tonight.

    Not to neglect or nay-say the hurt feelings of the teens, but out of everyone, I think I will miss Marko the most. A man of courage, authenticity and love (plus a really cool Venezuelan accent)! He was an incredible piece of our team (not just cause he did my "lackey" work either!), and I will always miss his presence in our ministry. I was so effected tonight that my talk sucked...thinking back on it, I probably should've listened to my wife and just not done a talk, but so is life.

    Also tonight, I had to let the students know that due to the economic downturn in the U.S., I will be going part-time at the church as well as part-time at Chili's in the Palisades Mall, which will cause the youth ministry in February to change our youth group night from Tuesday nights to Sunday nights. Thankfully they took this bit of news A LOT better than the Marko news. I think they all understood and are ready to take on a different night. It doesn't change much...just the night!

    I will be honest though...after tonight I feel sore. It's a spiritual/emotional soreness, because bad news sucks. That soreness is why I'm writing, it helps me put things in perspective, helps me clear my head and helps me put down in words what happened.

    To be sure, we will all miss that silly Venezuelan, but I know God will take him to amazing heights in ministry...watch out world, here comes Marko Requena!

    Look out Nyack, here comes Impact Youth on Sunday Nights!