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    Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    The President-Elect

    The long, arduous campaign is finally over. America has decided her new President, Barack Obama. It was a historic event, full of tears of sadness and of joy. All I can say at the end? Thank God it's finally over. This campaign was exhaustively long and seemingly drawn out. However, at last it is over.
    The question now goes forth as to "Where do we go from here?", and there are many answers to that question. Those who voted McCain can grow bitter, angry and self righteous. Those who voted Obama can grow arrogant, giddy and rude, yet those are not answers I would suggest. I think we've had enough bitter Obama junk, enough bitter McCain junk and definitely enough defaming of both candidates. I think it's time to move on. Those who voted for Obama, embrace him as your President. Those who voted McCain, embrace Obama as your President. We've had 8 years of "liberals" complaining about Bush...does there need to be another 4 of "conservatives" complaining about Obama? Please, choose to say NO. We can grow together as a united nation, debunking the power of bi-partisanship or we can entrench those bitter feelings and continue to divide a already weakening country. My challenge is to step up and Live as Christ would live. Christ wouldn't bash someone, Christ wouldn't say: "Oh well, now our country will fall to pieces because Obama is in the White House". Folks, no matter who you voted for, God is STILL God! Never forget that truth. Let's end bitterness and try to make this a better, more united country.


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    Brian Miller said...

    Got you in my feed now. Enjoy the posts and share the sentiments. Keep the conversation going.

    Anonymous said...

    I shout a loud AMEN to that as well Marvin! And I say PRAY PRAY PRAY for all of our leaders to be in 2009! Yes, God is on the throne.

    I am very interested to now see how Obama will handle Israel and Pakistan and Iran...