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    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    Through the Storm By Lynne Spears

    Thomas Nelson Publishing Company has again given an AMAZING opportunity by giving out 200 free books to bloggers! I was among the lucky few and was asked to give a 200 word review of the book.

    Through the Storm is an amazingly touching book. I have to admit that I went into the reading very skeptical. I am a Youth Pastor and have seen TONS of bad press on Britney Spears and her family. However, I like all of America was only reading HALF of the story. I was more than convicted as to how I came about my judgments of this family while reading this book and know for sure that anyone reads this book, they would be too. Lynne's utter candor in this book was shocking! She was just flat out honest. I must hand it to her for bearing her soul out in this book. Purposely rehashing awful events, so we could see the truth in the matter, was just amazing.
    One thing that made me almost weep due to my conviction was the fact that Britney's aunt (to whom Britney was close to) died just 2 weeks before her "shaving her head" incident. I mocked her for her insanity, yet she as simply reacting to her pain. My inner pastor felt wrecked while reading this book, because I just wanted to minister to Britney, Jamie (Britney's dad), Lynne, and Jamie Lynne! If I could sum up Lynne's attitude during this book it would be one word: Transparent. She was just open about all aspects of her life, and not just Britney and Jamie Lynne either! She talked about her marriage and divorce, her failures as a mother and most of all her faith. I was shocked at how steadfast this woman is in her faith. So many people bash her and many Christians including myself have said horrible things about "a woman whose kids do such things". To doubt a persons faith totally and completely based off of the "performance" of their children is plain wrong and this book was used by God to convict me of this truth!
    Lynne uses tons of scripture both in reference and in detail throughout the book. She tells of how God helped her and her children (and husband) through hard times. I am truly glad I read this book, because to be honest, I probably wouldn't have aside from this opportunity and I would be the worse for it.
    I thoroughly enjoyed the reading of this book, the honesty that's in it and the courage it took to write it! I strongly recommend reading this book.

    Thanks to Thomas Nelson for allowing me the pleasure of this read and for challenging Christians to seek out truth and not fabricated fictions!