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    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    Really Amazing

    Last night, I received an amazing opportunity. I received an e-mail from Thomas Nelson that asked me to join their new blogger review group. It is a group designed for bloggers who can read and review books. Recently, I reviewed The Faith of Barack Obama and Through the Storm, two of their new books (you can read my reviews on this blog, just search them). These are books they chose to have us bloggers review, however with this new group, we the bloggers can pick and choose the books we desire to review! This is so amazing to me because it is a FREE book and an opportunity to make my blog a better known blog. My blog will be looked at more due to Michael Hyatt the CEO of Thomas Nelson posting a link to my review on his website which is viewed by thousands of people! The next book I am going to review is something I had on my Christmas list..the new Thomas Nelson Chronological Bible! Be on the look out for the review soon. This is a great opportunity for me and I thank Thomas Nelson for being willing to do something so inventive and just plain awesome!


    Erik said...

    Sweet! maybe you should put some adds on the blog and make a bit of cash :)